Men Who Eat Garlic Smell More Attractive to Women

whiskeyandwings November 20, 2015 0

Men looking to attract women and ward off vampires at the same time are in luck because according to science women are more attracted to a man’s scent after men have had garlic. Loads and loads of garlic.

Appetite published the study about the attractiveness of male odor, Food Beast broke down the study. Food Beast reports 42 men were given different amounts of either garlic cloves or garlic capsules to ingest in three phases. The participants were required to wear pads for 12 hours after to preserve their soaked up body juices body odor, which were then smelled by 82 women. The women judged the smells based on: “attractiveness, intensity, and pleasantness.” During the second phase the men were given 12 grams of garlic, twice the amount. Women found the men’s odor more pleasant and attractive when they had ingested twice the amount of garlic than the odor coming from non-garlic eaters.

Researchers did warn garlic breath was a whole other ordeal, so men, you’re on your own for that one.

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