Gut-Busting Restaurant Challenge

whiskeyandwings October 7, 2017
Gut-Busting Restaurant Challenge

Burritos Mexican Grill
Location: 2700 Stickney Point Road

Food Challenge: If “mongo” is code for absolutely frightening, the Mongo Burrito challenge is aptly named. This over-sized dish weighs in at 8 pounds, measures nearly two feet in length, and contains four tortillas, refried beans, beef, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and onion, all smothered and topped with cheese. Finish in one hour with no help and it’s free, plus one complimentary dinner every month for a year. Ask your server before ordering for the price and other rules.

Join the Burrito Bandito Club for your chance to win a FREE DINNER in our monthly giveaway. 

Specials Available Every Day

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 $2 BBQ Pulled Pork Tacos – Every Day!

$2 Cochinita/ Pork Authentico Tacos – Slow Roasted Pulled Pork with Pico De Gallo!

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