Blue Ice Vodka Now Available at All Trader Joe’s California Locations

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Blue Ice Vodka Now Available at All Trader Joe’s California Locations

As part of the company’s broad national distribution plan, Blue Ice Vodka – the American-made gluten-free, sugar-free and non-GMO potato vodka, part of the 21st Century Spirits portfolio – announced the brand is now on sale at all Trader Joe’s locations in California.

Occupying shelf space at the grocery store’s 176 California locations supports Blue Ice Vodka’s strategic expansion plan, as the company continues to grow and penetrate various sectors within the spirit retail space.

“We are pleased to announce the expansion of our brand at Trader Joe’s locations in California,” said Thomas Gibson, President at 21st Century Spirits. “Blue Ice Vodka’s target clientele significantly aligns with Trader Joe’s existing customer base, so we’re excited to introduce our brand to a new audience and widen our exposure through this partnership,” he continued.

Blue Ice Vodka is produced from Idaho’s Burbank Russet Potatoes and embodies a subtle flavor and a mellowness while creating a velvety, creamy soft finish. Currently, less than 1% of all vodkas are produced from potatoes primarily due to the fact that it takes approximately 9 ½ pounds of potatoes to create a single bottle. The spirit’s unique distillation process is what has set Blue Ice Vodka apart from others spirits in the market.

This distribution expansion announcement coupled with the brand’s recent “Best of Division” award at the 2016 Distilled: Spirit and Cocktail Competition at the San Diego County Fair, proves Blue Ice Vodka is quickly becoming a staple brand in the industry.

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